My bank account is just evaporating into thin air. At least I got my Brooks Cascadia 9s and 10s (I’ve never hiked with the 10s but willing to try them out. I love the 9s though, although they fall apart after about 500 miles) shoes, Outdoor Research Helium II rain jacket, desert shirt, Smartwool base layers, Merino socks and Anker external battery for electronics. Poof! $500 gone though. Just like that.

And that’s just the small stuff. My new (MUCH more lightweight) Big Agnes UL1 Flycreek tent, new Osprey backpack, Zpacks 10 degree sleeping bag (the 20 degree was too cold for me in 15 degree snow conditions when I tested it), Therm-A-Rest ZLite sleeping pad, Black Diamond trekking poles and Ghost Whisperer Down jacket all cost, total, over a grand. I mean, I guess I could’ve used older/heavier items I already had but I think I would sorely regret that.

I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the long run. I can’t help but feel sick after so many purchases. Some people claim it’s therapeutic to shop. I find it therapeutic to get rid of stuff. I get claustrophobic when my material possessions start exceeding 2 large suitcases and a carry on. Time to get to selling old gear and giving away the rest. That’ll be the next weekend (this weekend, have a 3 day road trip/backpacking trip planned for Big Pines/Bishop, CA area with a friend. It’s going to be a blast!!).

3 thoughts on “SO TRUE!!!

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have much of the same gear (Fly Creek UL2, Ghost Whisperer Jacket, BD carbon cork trekking poles, Z-Packs 20 deg, Osprey pack). I won’t lie, the “shopping” phase was fun, but I also spread it out over the past year. So I don’t feel as bad about the money I’ve spent until I look at my spread sheet that lists it all. haha. But you have some great gear, so just feel good about the fact that it will serve you well out there.


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