My lovely lady lumps (amongst other things)

Got my ultrasound and my breastesses are all tumor free. YAY! I wasn’t really worried until I had 2 doctors tell me to go get them checked.

Thank goodness for Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. If it wasn’t for them making the screen testing/ultrasounds more accessible, I don’t think I could’ve afforded it. The government could definitely learn a thing or two from them and Planned Parenthood about how they run their medical programs. I think getting my PAP smear regularly and having my lady parts examined and taken care of is the only medical maintenance I can afford to keep up because of them. Even getting some lumpy moles examined (I’m a sun tanning brat. i love my sun so constantly check for melanoma) is out of my price range usually.

On another note – but definitely one of the several hundred items on my to-do list – I did the REI compass & map reading class last night, after work! WOOHOO!!  I learnt SO much and the teacher was amazing. You could tell he loved compasses and maps so his enthusiasm was contagious. Class ran late and I didn’t even get home until 10:30pm. My exercise program is going to shit with all these other after-work things I have to do. But I loved learning about the compass and navigating on a trail and shooting a bearing, etc. Now that I know the basics, I’m really wanting to take another (this time outdoors) class with REI but I have no clue how I’ll fit that in my schedule.

It might sound totally nerdy but I actually used to draw compasses when I was a little girl. I was obsessed with ships, sea and anything nautical. I even wanted to join the Navy but my mother said I couldn’t since I was a foreigner.I would spend hours meticulously drawing a compass, taking great care to insert every single degree mark and starting from scratch if it didn’t look perfect or symmetrical. This class brought back some of that interest that I thought I’d lost decades ago.

Now I have to figure out how to compensate for the lost exercise days on my exercise program. Last thing I want to do when I’m just so exhausted and want to just launch myself on my bed and take a 72 hour nap.

As for more hiking: This weekend, going to Ridgecrest to see a friend I haven’t seen in a while and hiking Fossil Falls, which looks pretty rad. It’s so close to Big Pine, I’m tempted to try to see if my car will drive that far. The Eastern Sierras are just SOOOOO gorgeous. I want to move there when I decide to settle down. But if my car were to break down, my trip would have to be on hold since I’m counting on the money I’ll get for selling it for trail money. Don’t know that I’ll even have time to do it. It’s a long drive so want to make it worthwhile. Maybe I’ll stop by the Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley on the way home…

Also, somehow, I  have to make time to finish Yogi’s PCT handbook and figure out some resupply. I haven’t even had the attention span to get on that yet but seeing everybody on the Facebook PCT pages have theirs all figured out is making me a little worried. Am I not worrying enough? Do I really do want to do this? Will I ever be prepared? Should I just back out now? I don’t like pooping in the woods, I need to learn to pee standing up and I think I’m going to just shave my head…  AAAAHHHHH. MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE with all these thoughts constantly streaming in my head!!! Can you tell? lol

Does anybody else have this or is it just me??

3 thoughts on “My lovely lady lumps (amongst other things)

  1. No, it’s not just you. I also have my California mail drops to prepare. I’ll do the ones for Oregon and Washington when I get to Ashland. I would think at this point, trying to prepare mail drops for the whole trail would be overwhelming.

    You’ll get used to pooping in the woods. I used to hate it when I was a boy, but now, gotta say, I kind of prefer it. Might sound weird, I suppose. You’ll see. It’s Nature’s way.

    And wait, I thought you were a fair Scandinavian? What business do you have suntanning? You gotta get out of So Cal, girl. Up here we rock the “Humboldt Tan” (tan from elbows down, as in you might, if it got “really hot”, roll up your sleeves).

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