I got an invite from someone I know to lose some weight through some Facebook app today.

No thanks.

Although, with my IUD, I’ve been gaining weight at an abnormal speed, I don’t have any intention on going through some oppressive diet.

Not when I’m about to hike for miles and miles, day in and out.

My entire life, from teens on up, weight has been an issue. Why would i allow that now? When I was skinny as a twig, I never thought I was skinny. Now that I’m not as skinny, I realize I’m as big as I always thought I was. So why beat myself myself up about it as I did when I was actually skinnier than I thought I was?

This sickness we women fight needs to stop. It only stops when we decide it does. We are beautiful as we decide. If someone doesn’t see that or wants to punish us for being beautiful, for fear of being replaced or deserted,  that shouldn’t be our issue.

As a woman, you deserve something beautiful. I hope you fight for it. I won’t settle for anything less. I’d rather be alone than be treated without respect. Weight is irrelevant. If you are active and want someone just as active, you will get the woman/man of your dreams. Weight is a consideration. If someone were to judge me on my weight now, they’d  lose out on something incredible. If you can’t handle my chub, this isn’t something you’ll ever rub. 😉

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