300 miles (482 km)!!!

Will update blog day after tomorrow but since I have cell service, just wanted to quickly update:

Yesterday, I passed 300 miles.

Most of the people I started with are already days ahead of me because I’ve been taking too many days off in town but oh well!!! I’m taking my time and I wouldn’t have it any other way! ❤️🌁

7 thoughts on “300 miles (482 km)!!!

  1. Excited for you! I am jealous that you are hiking the trail right now. I just convinced my friend to do the trail with me, so now we are just gathering up the funds. I look forward to seeing more updates from your adventure! Congrats!


  2. Hi Saina! Just catching up on yours posts now that I have time and service. I’ve been pushing hard, I’m pretty beat up, but I’m at the Best Western in Tahachapi! I think I may take a triple zero to wait out the weather. Time for the breakfast buffet!!!

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