I’ve been horrible at blogging and haven’t written in over a hundred miles. I promise I will catch up at some point.

But, so people don’t think I’m dead, wanted to announce I’ll be headed back to the trail Wednesday morning – that’s tomorrow – super early. I’m so glad the temperatures have dropped since this will also be a super dry/hot section in Tehachapi.

Thankfully, my iPhone didn’t break – it dropped into a pool and turned off on me – so I’ll be posting tons of pictures.

Not going to lie, I’ve been in a funk. I’m debating this trail completely – even though I haven’t gotten to the sections I really wanted to do in the first place – but I can’t stand the thought of going back to “normal” life. I don’t want to do anything, see anyone and wish I could just watch TV for a month. I’m sure it’s hormonal and the second I get back on trail, I’ll be fine, but hard to imagine that right now.

And although I have so many amazing friends and family, it’s hard to explain what’s going on with anybody since I’m hiking solo and it seems all my issues aren’t things others on the trail are experiencing, foot pain wise, etc.

Despite the depression, got good news that the podcast I collaborate on – Sounds of the Trail – got featured as “New & Noteworthy” on iTunes. It’s free on iTunes and I do interviews on it on the trail, while Kimchi does interviews on the Appalachian Trail. Check it out here:

4 thoughts on “SORRYYYYYYYY

  1. I wish I had some magical words of wisdom for you regarding dealing with the trail blahs, but I don’t think I do. What you are doing is very hard on both body and mind. Maybe look at it like this… What you have already accomplished is absolutely amazing! You are already a superhero in my book. Get back out on the trail, start hiking, and then see how you feel. Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong no matter where your path leads you. Best wishes, my friend.

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  2. I have followed you on Instagram for awhile, but just realized you have a journal. I am glad you had a chance to write again. You have the best pictures of this portion of the PCT I have seen! You actually make the desert look beautiful. Keep your spirits up, “hike your own hike” and pretend you are alone when you see a swimming hole. If someone has an aversion to the human form, it will help them get over it. Onward and upward!

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