Enough is Enough

I’m done whining and throwing myself a pity party.

I got X-Rays today. No stress fracture although the doctor said he saw some shady/abnormal color near 4th and 5th toe bones which could be soft tissue or something but recommended I get an MRI since that’s where the pain is shooting out from.

I went to the ER, fed up with the back and forth and mystery of it all. They couldn’t do MRIs and just handed me some crutches so I’m limping around like a gimp now in an attempt to put absolutely NO pressure on my foot, should that be of assistance to the healing process. Signed up for Medi Cal in the process.

Shopped around for MRI – will still have to pay out of pocket since Medi Cal takes over a month to 2 months to get approval for. Finally found a place in Lancaster that’ll do it for $400. I can hear the gasp of my wallet but I’m just so sick of the mystery of it all. Tomorrow 12:45pm, the mystery of my injury will cease and I can gain control again of this situation.

I either have an extremely low pain threshold – although, mentally, I’ve been very aware and truly ok – or something is really wrong. Either way, it’s worth finding out so I can make a decision as to whether or not I want to weather this storm and keep on hiking or will call it an end to this year. Even if I only make it through California or skip to Oregon, I’m ok with it. I simply want to end the trail on MY terms, not my body’s. But I also don’t want to do permanent damage to my foot, since hiking is the cheese to my macaroni, so need to keep that in mind should I have a torn or ruptured tendon – which would need immediate attention.

Either way, in later September, I plan on hiking rim to rim at the Grand Canyon. Have to find out permit approval and whatnot for that but I look forward to that. If I have time, I may even go rim to rim to rim just for bragging rights and for the challenge.

I’m grateful for my family and friends and even complete strangers who’ve offered their words of wisdom and offered/gave assistance. I would be up shit creek were it not for them and, after all this, I will owe you guys a bazillion favors and hugs for bearing with me. You know who you are and I can’t even express the depths of my gratitude. No words can convey how much all the help and love – sometimes tough – has lifted me up from a dark, dark place. 

6 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. Hoping the MRI turns out well and yeah, you do this hike your way, on your terms! And I’ve backpacked the Grand Canyon earlier this year (we’re actually going rim to rim in October!) and its pretty awesome and definitely something you can look forward to.

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  2. Hope you and your foot are doing well.

    FWIW, I really do NOT think you just have a low pain threshold. You have already hiked several hundred miles through the Southern California desert and that is quite painful in itself. I saw your blistered feet myself and I saw that you were taking that in stride. Whatever is going on with your foot is real. I truly hope that a bit of rest is all it needs to heal. Keep your chin up, my friend.

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    • Thank you SO much! Seriously, this love I’m getting is just so supportive and makes me that much more determined to get back on trail but heal enough to be able to do so!


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