So, after my initial depression and apathy from having to quit my hike due to injury, I decided to start moving again.

I am now in New York, in the Adirondacks, working at a summer school for a bit. Debating on what to do after. A good friend of mine may be going climbing in the Sierras mid August so can go along to try backpacking again and get my much needed dose of the Sierras or I may go to Chicago, which is not only cheaper but also contains one of my nearest and dearest friends. 

But I am still planning for my 30th birthday (on September 12th) to hike Grand Canyon, rim to rim. So Cali may be the best choice at the moment (esp since my drivers license will expire and I’ll probably have to go to the much beloved DMV to renew it).

I can’t stop thinking about the PCT though. I must be a masochist because I want to do it next year too. The injury can’t be the reason I don’t attempt it. So the training for it has to start now.

I had my first hike a few days ago since I got injured. Was about 50 minutes straight up a hill – no actual trail, just tree markers – and about an hour and a half of easy walking. Surprisingly, my foot did ok. Think it’s because I didn’t have a full backpacking pack on. So that was SO good to know.

I have no cell service here in the summer camp so am now sitting on top of a hill and gotta get down before the mosquitoes eat me alive (the mosquitoes here are BRUTAL!!! And it is my informed opinion that Deet doesn’t even work on them). I have bites everywhere. Have to get some B vitamins and antihistamines stat! 

Anyway, since I hadn’t written for a while, wanted to give you an update.

 Here are some pics from the camp – Camp Little Notch.


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hi! I saw this post via the PCT Journalist and wanted to give a shout out for several reasons — one, because Girl Scout Camp is the best. I worked at Hidden Lake for a summer, but before that at a bunch of camps in NY and Massachusetts. Two, because we have the same birthday — and three, because I’m planning to hike the PCT next year also. I hope you’re able to train and get your strength up so you can make it happen. Enjoy the rest of your summer. I miss camp every year I’m not there! πŸ™‚

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  2. I was sorry to see that you had to end your PCT hike for this year, but at the same time I am pleased to see that you are healing and that you are finding your path. The Grand Canyon hike sounds wonderful. I look forward to hearing stories of your new adventures!

    samacitta (Kevin)

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      • I’m doing great! I’ve been to Alaska since we last chatted. If it wasn’t for the 8 or 9 months of winter up there, I’d pack up my things and head north for good. When I got back from Alaska I loaded the pack and hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail. It’s a lovely trail and I enjoyed the hike. I’m toying with the idea of jumping back onto the PCT in a week or two. Maybe do the section from Sonora Pass to Echo Lakes. I just can’t shake the hiking bug!

        I love the pictures of the camp where you are working. They remind me of happy, simple childhood days. How in the world did you find that place?

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