A note 

They say your greatest messages will come from your greatest hurt. Who said that? I have no clue. It was probably made up for a meme and I liked it but, nevertheless, that’s why I barf out my hard times.

It’s not because I’m a crybaby. I don’t need your sympathy. But even if one person learns from what I did and it excuses them from my pain, I’m down.

Life is an adventure. You make mistakes. You fuck up. People hurt you.. Sometimes you hurt others. Hopefully, less of the latter.  Whatever. It happens to all of us.

But we’re ALIVE! If there’s anything I’ve learned from working with the elderly, it’s that there’s no room for regret and procrastination. I hate – like hate hate- the acronym YOLO but do what you want responsibly and don’t hold back.

You’re strong. You’re beautiful. You can do it!

5 thoughts on “A note 

  1. I was struggling up the back side of some eternally rising mountain, clouded by sun-blotting mosquitoes, feeling sweat trickle down my corpulence as I stopped for breath and stared out into a valley unchanged during man’s entire span on this world. Just then, words of bright fire appeared in the air above me. NOTHING IN THIS LIFE WILL YOU FEEL MORE CLEARLY THAN PAIN; and below it, AND NOTHING IN THIS LIFE WILL YOU RECALL MORE CLEARLY THAN JOY.

    Maybe I was on the verge of passing out, maybe it was the divine finger, maybe it was both. But this is one of the few points in my life that I try to hand off to strangers, like a lonely old man on a long plane ride.

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