Day 24, 25, 26 & 27

This is where some people might not agree with me but, whatever, it’s what happened.

I took several days off trail!!! OH MY GOD!!! Saina is such a slacker!!! Lol

In my defense, a big storm was rolling in on day 27, which was when I’d been planning to get back on trail. 

Cla, my friend in Big Bear, let me stay for several days with her. I did laundry, took a couple Epsom Salt baths, ate a lot, hung out with her and her family. It was fantastic and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. 

On Day 25, Cla went with me to do the miles 250-265 section. We actually had to get off around 262 since the trail back to her house was from there. I considered “slack packing” that day (not bringing my backpack and leaving it at her house), considering it was just a day hike. But I didn’t. That’s where I draw the line – feel like it’d be a bit like cheating if I just did that. 

Saw the animal cages near Onyx Summit, which was a bit sad. I hate seeing animals locked up. Saw a mountain lion from a distance, a bear butt and a Bengal Tiger. Pic below of bear butt.

Some pics from Big Bear:


Cla helped buzz my hair!



Snow!!!! In May!!!! OMG! I love it


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