Vomiting Blood is Normal, right?

Migraines suck. 

I should’ve known better than to have red wine while on my period. Whenever I’ve done that, I usually get a migraine (something in the red wine triggers it).

Woke up with the familiar and absolutely unwelcome pain of an oncoming migraine. I took some Tylenol and Ibuprofen and tried to nap it away, which sometimes helps, if I do it in time (before migraine comes out, full force). Didn’t do anything. 

Diarrhea and the nausea were some of the worst I’ve had yet. I had to make myself throw up. Out came a shitload of bloody stomach acid. That’s normal, right?! 😷😡

I felt better after that but had to get a move on. My friend, Leslie, who I hadn’t seen in a while, was coming by Wrightwood to take me and a couple other hikers (Gabe and Jolly) to REI. I was sad I was going to be feeling shitty when we finally caught up with each other. I wanted to chat and gab away with her – we had so much to catch up on and I could barely move without wanting to vomit.

She was so nice about it though and about 30 mins later, even pulled over so I could vomit again and again (at least 4 times – not sure what was even coming out at that point since I hadn’t been able to keep anything down).

Went to REI, feeling clammy and sweaty. Sure enough, as soon as I was done getting my compression socks, shoe liners and pillow (my other one flew off the side of a mountain), I had to barf again. I ran to the bathroom. I did my thing a few times until I was dry heaving, since there was no longer any stomach acid to heave up. 

Was supposed to leave early tomorrow to start hiking again, with a friend, but I just can’t see myself hiking right now. I just want to die. And I miss my grandma so badly right now. When I was in Finland and would get migraines, she’d tuck me in and give me some of her painkillers. She was the best and I just wish she was here to give me a hug. That gets me crying. 

Being in pain and alone is the worst. And i totally know I’m being a whiner but this is my blog and that’s exactly how I feel right now. So over this throbbing pain and nausea. Just want total darkness with no smells or sounds. 

6 thoughts on “Vomiting Blood is Normal, right?

  1. Oh no! That sounds horrible! Are you sure you shouldn’t see a doctor about the bloody throw up? I feel like that isn’t normal. (My answer to your blog’s title). I hope that today is a better day for you after a night’s rest. xoxo


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  2. Also, I thought you weren’t going to get your period since you got the IUD? Or does it just spread it so its longer time between periods?


    • Oh, it seemed to stop altogether besides a bit of spotting monthly but the constant exercise must’ve triggered it because I’ve had 2 periods in the last month already and they last 5-7 days each. So annoying!


  3. Hi, that is definitely not very agreeable to feel like this. You should check it up with a doctor – at least to establish it is nothing bad – or you can do something about it if needed.

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